“The day will come when” the new film from Chris Morris


The next August 31 will be released on VOD in France, the new film by Chris Morris called it “The Day will Come” , or in French, ” The day will come where “. This movie is comical and touching is based on hundreds of real-life stories.

This film, written by Chris Morris and Jesse Armstrong, traces the history of a dark joke at the heart of the project, security within the united States. In the casting, Walking Davis in the main role as well as Anna Kendrick that one has been able to see in the saga ” Twilight “. Located also Danielle Brooks he also plays on the original series from Netflix ‘ Orange is the Knew Black.” Finally, Denis O’hare that can be found in ” Dallas Buyers Club “.

Here is the synopsis :
MOSES AL-SHABAZ is “the Sultan” of the farm, The Star of Six, a project that leads to Miami with his wife Venus. With his army of four people, does not endorse this type of firearms, the fight against crime and the dream of overthrowing the government. In order to save his family from eviction, decides to accept money from a stranger who offers to finance his ” revolution “. Was not knowing that his benefactor is working for the FBI, which plans to transform it into a criminal of the power of their revolutionary dreams more crazy.

The film duration of 88 minutes, released on September 27, 2019 in the U. s. and the 11 of October of 2019 in the United Kingdom, will be released in France directly in VOD on the 31st of August next.

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