The death of Carl Reiner, a pioneer of american comedy and one of the thieves in Ocean’s Eleven


We’re going to remember for a long time his evil eyes in the saga of Steven Soderbergh Ocean’s Eleven next to the troop of robbers, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Matt Damon, directed by George Clooney. Carl Reiner is materialized with a lot of fun and joy for the role of Saul Bloom, the former thief specializing in identity theft. A ladder in the air, retired, but still ready to resume the service for a few dollars more…

A pioneer of american comedy on television in the 50’s, father of the director of When Harry met Sally, Rob Reiner, Carl Reiner passed away peacefully at the age of 98 years, Monday, June 29, at his home in Beverly Hills, California.

Born in New York on march 20, 1922, was the first of all seven decades one of the main figures of the humor is visual, both on tv and in the cinema. The son of a watchmaker born in the Bronx, it is the intention that as soon as the end of adolescence to the comedy and entertainment through the incorporation of a theatre company, with which he toured the set of the works of Shakespeare. But his life changes completely when he joined the signal corps of the army of the ee.uu. during the Second world War.

Recruited into a special unit that organizes the shows for the troops, Reiner began to write and perform their sketches. His first success.

Back in New York after the war, he participated in several Broadway musicals. It was at that moment that he came on the floor, and made the acquaintance of several future big comedy, Mel Brooks, Neil Simon, through Woody Allen or Larry Gelbart. His friendship with Mel Brooks is great. Carl Reiner said that there are still a couple of me, the two men continued to see each other, and joking together.

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This spirit, wit, Carl Reiner has never ceased to focus through the years. In the 50’s, is on the program of entertainment The Dick Van Dyke Show (the name of the actor immortalized as a chimney sweep in Mary Poppinsstarts to make speak about him and his plays. He will receive nine Emmy Awards during his career for the television.

In the 70’s, Reiner made a decisive encounter, which the actor Steve Martin, with whom he participated in several comedies that have been very successful as A true Geezer ! (1979), and then The corpses don’t wear suits (1982), a great parody of the movie the private detective, in which we incorporate actual fragments of the classics of film noir. At that time, he shall also sign, always with Steve Martin The Man with two brains (1983) and Just for two (1984).

But the French know it, especially in the role of Saul Bloom in the saga of movies Ocean’s Elevenalongside a fine team of thieves to foam the casinos of las Vegas. It follows from the first part in the year 2001. And then, back in 2004 Ocean’s Twelve. And, then, in the year 2007 in Ocean’s Thirteen. It resume once more the service in 2018. Ocean Eightthe adaptation of women to the franchise with Sandra Bullock.

Carl Reiner has written four volumes of his memoirs, the last of them, published in 2014, entitled I Just Remembered. He wrote books for children. And we understand better why his son Rob Reiner in 1987 The Princess Bride, fairy tale comedy became a cult in the 80’s. As father and son…

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