The director of “The Lighthouse”, said that the film originally showed a lot of male nudity


“The Lighthouse” from A24, originally showed a lot more male nudity than the final cut did.

Filmmaker Robert Eggers has said that his film of 2017, The Lighthouse, the critically acclaimed, was originally much more explicit sexually.

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The famous director has explained in a new Q&A hosted by Film Independent with the original plan included a lot more male nudity, but the studio said to cut it.

“There was really no plot, really”, he said. “It was convincing to do so on a negative black-and-white 35 mm, and there was also male nudity front, an erection, and they were a bit like, look, it can be black and white and strange and all that,” but it can’t be rated NC-17. “Despite the removal of the majority of the nudity, the buttocks of Dafoe are always visible at a given time.

Either way, A24 and New Regency were thrilled to do more business with Eggers: “They were pleased to be in business with me, and they liked the script, and they certainly thought it was strange but exciting.”

The film follows two lighthouse keepers, accents amazing, then they descend into a folie a recluse on a secluded island. Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson play the main role in the horror film. The film addresses the surrealism, masculinity, isolation, and more during its duration of a little less than two hours.

The last film of Eggers, The Witch, was also released by A24.



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