The domain will return to an original character from the books


From the year 2018, it is expected with interest the launch of the next panel Jurassic Worldthe new trilogy inspired by the novels of Michael Crichton. Title Jurassic World : Dominionit teaches the June 25, 2020 (the actor Campbell Scott has joined the cast to portray an original character from the saga literature.

Lewis Dodgson will be in Jurassic World : Dominion

Collider revealed that the actor Scott Campbell (House of Cards ; The Amazing Spider-Man- joined the cast of the third installment of Jurassic Worldnext to Chris Pratt (The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 & 2) and Bryce Dallas Howard (Spider-Man 3, The Color of Feelings). According to the american media, which seems to be that some of their sources, the american actor to portray Lewis Dodgson, a character’s original literary series from Michael Crichton, who is the director of research of the rival company, Biosyn. However, this character only appears briefly in the film Jurassic Parkpublished in 1993 , to provide a container of Dennis Nedry to steal embryo cryogenically frozen every species of dinosaur was created in the park. It is played by Cameron Thor, today sentenced for sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl. This explains the need for a new actor for this role…

In Jurassic World : DominionLewis Dodgson has been promoted to head of Byosin but we have not yet the certainty that he will be the antagonist in this third installment of Jurassic World. In addition to the characters presented in the new trilogy in 2015, Domain it will appeal to characters that are representative of the original trilogy of Steven Spielberg. To know the doctors Ian Malcolm, (Jeff Goldblum), Alan Grant (Sam Neil) and Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern).

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Result of a volcanic explosion at the end of Fallen Kingdom, Isla Nubar has been wiped off the map. If the dinosaurs survived, they are free, co-existing with humans outside of the park and its safety measures. Promises a beautiful mayhem.

Jurassic World : Dominion it is directed by Colin Trevorrow and should come out in thesummer 2021. In both, one can imagine that there will be new information about the film.


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