The early access of ‘Minecraft Earth’ arrives to Spain


The early access of Minecraft Earththe version of the classic video game Minecraft for mobile augmented reality, lands in Spain for mobile iOS and Android.

The new game, which combines the use of the camera and augmented reality technology, allows you to play the famous universe of blocks the street and the style of the famous Pokémon Go.

Minecraft Earth, that was released in the united States last November 16, is free. Users must exit to the street, to find small portions of the universe Minecraft and hunt new creatures like the Muddy Pig, Moobloom, Jumbo Rabbit or Cluckshroom .

The launch of the beta version, which will be available around the world at the end of the year, has the goal that people try the game and share their opinions, which will explore “new ideas for expanding the experience”, according to has communicated Xbox, owner of Minecraft, in a note.

The new adventures of Minecraft Earth have been developed with two Microsoft technologies, thanks to which it are possible with the multiplayer mode and the content of augmented reality persistent.

In the presentation of the November 16, in New York, Jesse Merriam, executive producer of the game, explained that the new title “is Minecraft in real life”, a version intended “for everybody” and wants to attract new users with a free and more simple to enter in his universe.

Minecraftdevised by the swede Markus Persson in 2009, has a hundred million players in the world and has been adapted, in its different versions, for consoles like Wii and PlayStation, and is expected in march of 2022 also reach the big screen in a production of Warner Bros.


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