Greymoor, the new expansion of The Elder Scrolls Online, will arrive in stores in the spring but already in February TESO players will be able to experience new adventures thanks to the Harrowstorm DLC that will take us back to the lands of Skyrim.

THESIS Harrowstorm

The Dark Heart of Skyrim story begins with the Dungeon Harrowstorm DLC, arriving in February. With two new dungeons, in Harrowstorm you will face a supernatural storm in Icereach and explore the depths of Unhallowed Grave. As you unravel the dark forces that threaten Skyrim, the events in this DLC will take you straight to the Greymoor chapter.


With Greymoor, you can go back to the snowy home of the north and explore the western region of Skyrim. At the moment, on ESO, you have been able to explore the eastern parts of Skyrim with Eastmarch, Bleakrock, and the Rift. In this new chapter, you can deepen the other side of the province which includes the city of Solitude and the depths of Blackreach, an entire underground world!
Entering this new area, you will meet the robust north that calls it home and discover a series of interesting side missions, Delve missions, public dungeons, bosses and the new Harrowstorm world events. A true intrepid adventurer will not have a moment of rest!

A gothic tale

As part of the annual Dark Heart of Skyrim adventure, the main story of Greymoor will resume the ominous narrative arc that will begin with the DLC dungeon Harrowstorm. In this chapter, you will need to investigate some supernatural storms that have plagued the region.
Although the main story of Greymoor is part of the annual adventure, you don’t necessarily need to have completed the Harrowstorm DLC to be able to follow and appreciate the adventure. You will decide how to discover Tamriel and the dark heart of Skyrim!

Antiquity System

In the new chapter, you will also find a new system of antiquities. This game activity will allow you to discover lost artifacts throughout Tamriel. Like real budding archaeologists, you will be able to track down ancient relics and unearth them through a host of new mini-games. The relics that you can unearth include unique collectibles, such as furniture and memorabilia, and are not hidden only in the new area, but in every corner of the continent. It’s up to you to discover Tamriel’s hidden story!

The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor will be released on May 18 on PC / Mac and June 2 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Bethesda has already opened TESO Greymoor pre-orders with exclusive preorder bonuses depending on the edition purchased.

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