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Will Smith is going to play a slave in The emancipationand the studies have taken large amounts of money to acquire the project.

Cannes will not be held this year in physics, with a red carpet, awards, sequins and in abundance, but Thierry Frémaux, has done everything possible to keep the event, at least interested. Because the festival is not a simple treat for film lovers, this is a market where there are different professions in the cinema : actors, writers, directors, producers, distributors, broadcasters,… there is the beginning of some adventures of the film, as evidenced by The emancipation.

The emancipation it is a feature film project, written by Bill Collage, with Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Equalizer), that will be applied and Will Smith headlining. The story is based on real facts and focuses on the life of Peter, a slave on a plantation of Louisiana, in 1863 ; he decides to flee after having been savagely beaten by a foremanand you want to join the Union Army to fight against the army of the confederation. It will be a thriller to historical, whose scene of action is going to be awesome if one believes that the director.

photo, Will SmithWill Smith will be Peter

Deadline he has had the privilege of announce that the project is launched and has kept a watchful eye on its evolution. It was the race to make a bid for big studios who want at any price to buy the project and that the film takes its name. In the first line, we met with Warner Bros and Apple who pushed the price up to astronomicalfrom the ceiling of 75 million dollars in a first moment, and until $ 130 million.

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According to the web page Deadline, it seems that both the purchase of the rights, and only rights, which seems quite exorbitant ; the exact distribution of that money was not specifiedand it may be that the sum of the assumptions of the production, constituting a large budget, but nothing new (Django Unchained a cost of us $ 100 million).

photo, Vivien Leigh, Hattie McDanielIs to stifle the controversy to create a new one

This would be a good (and very expensive) opportunity for Warner to “catch up” after the controversy over Gone with the wind HBO and Max, in the confusion of the broader Black Lives Matter. The theme is topical, and studies that could wait for a nomination to the Oscar with a movie theme, actor, director to enroll in the next 12 Years A Slave who won the oscar for the best film in 2014 (and cost only $ 20 million). The date still has not said the last word, and therefore, it is not known yet who has let go of the bigger (tacos), spread on the table and won the grand prize.

In any case, the opportunism, the theme of the occasion and the desire for greater equality, the world of the film plays their role on the planet and in the news. If you like stories of big sub, you can see in the budget for the next Martin Scorsese, which was bought by Apple, and with good reason. Double blow soon ?

photoWarner made its market


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