The film Tenet with Robert Pattinson is it the result of Inception ?


Robert Pattinson would play it in a sequence of Inception ? A theory a little crazy is that the movie “Tenet” is a result of the latter…

The film “Tenet “putting Robert Pattinson to honor would it be a direct result ofInception ? One theory is that the two films of Christopher Nolan are related. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

While Robert Pattinson goes to the movies, some wonder about the frame of the Tenet. This movie directed by Christopher Nolan, just to show his first official trailer.

You can say it, Tenet is already lot of ink to flow. In addition to the provision of Robert Pattinson, story, plot, and gives himself airs ofInception.

For the time being, the plot is, to say the least mysterious. It just knows that a character has to save the world and prevent the end of time, at the time of a 3rd world war...

A synopsis is a little light and borrowing of mystery. A bit like Inception, to the point of us to think that the two films are linked like the fingers of the hand.

It must be said that movies paw of Nolan all right to their share of theories. This time, the fans have chosen to dissect the fabric of Tenet, which starred Robert Pattinson.

Some have not failed to find similarities between the vampire Twilight and Tom Hardy in Inception. Their roles would then be linked, much more than we think.

One theory is that Tenet (Robert Pattinson) is the sequel of Inception

One theory is that Tenet (Robert Pattinson) is the sequel of Inception

Robert Pattinson: he would play in a sequel of Inception

Our colleagues from Konbini then spotted an interview Explain This. The co-star of Robert Pattinson there unveils then its small theory.

“I would say that ‘Tenet’ is the beautiful family of “Inception’ “said the actor in the show. “They are bound by marriage, they make Thanksgiving dinner together, family barbecues, that kind of stuff “.

A little nébuleux, you might say. Both are signed Christopher Nolan, of course, but to link the two movies of the kind, isn’t it a little daring ?

In “Tenet “, Robert Pattinson do so too, the son of Denzel Washington in a race against the clock. In addition to the fact of manipulate timethe two heroes can communicating with the future “ and open doors, sometimes even the bad…

This is not without reminding us of the many travel dreams in dreams in Inception. Theories of crazy shape then the universe worthy of a puzzlethat shapes every film by Christopher Nolan.