the game’s augmented reality Mojang has many blocks, but also room for improvement


After being announced announced in the WWDC 2019, ‘Minecraft Earth’ has given the first steps to their arrival to iOS and Android. The new game augmented reality from Mojang can be downloaded already on Android using the APK file, that has allowed us to try it for a while and see what we offer.

The game we tested it in a Samsung Galaxy Note10+, although theoretically it should work on any device compatible with the technology ARCore Google. After having built (and killed the occasional chicken, why not say it), these have been our first impressions. Say, before anything, that the game is in phase beta, and that it is possible to change that from here to your official launch.

A map “minecrafteado” with blocks and creatures for you to discover

Minecraft Earth Map So it looks like the map of ‘Minecraft Earth’.

After a small tutorial (perhaps not so illustrative), ‘Minecraft Earth’ shows us the world with a own aesthetic of Minecraft. It is striking that the buildings and houses have a certain relief, though it would have been a hoot to be more or less high depending of the height of the building in question. The plain areas are the streets, squares and courtyards.

On this map appear randomly (this is an important nuance) some structures and creatures that we will have to break and collect. It is not as ‘Pokémon’ Go, where there are few stops static to turn to when we need resources, but rather appear randomly. Fortunately, there are few and it is unlikely that anything more open the game does not have some blocks to destroy.

Types Of Loot According to the block that piquemos you’ll get a “loot” different.

As you can imagine, the blocks of land will give us buckets of dirt, flowers and adornments, the stone things as champichones or blocks of different textures and the trees, mostly, wood. The animals are several, but we’ve seen chickens, cows, sheep, and pigs. All of these elements are automatically added to our inventory and are those we use to let the imagination fly in build mode.

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The adventure mode multiplayer that commented during our first test, nothing is known. What is present are the mobs, that is, that the animals and creatures know that we are there. Look at us, persecute us, are frightened when we approach… The creeper, in fact, persecute us when they see us, but for that we have to wait till night.

The animals know that we are there and look at us or get scared and come running out

Beyond to get more resources, perhaps you are missing any reason to leave the house to play. In ‘Pokémon GO,’ you have eggs and ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite,’ you have the trasladores. In ‘Minecraft Earth’, at least for the moment, there is no incentive beyond looking for different types of resources. To say that the menu appears to be a factory and a foundry, but it is not available at this time. It is expected that is where we crafting.

Construction yes, but you are missing something more

Without a doubt, the grace of ‘Minecraft’ (and ‘Minecraft Earth’ is the construction). On the Internet can be found real feats fruit of patience and creativity, and ‘Minecraft Earth’ do you want us to do the same in any place.

Construction If you choose the “Construction” you can create anything you want.

When you press the button of “Build” shows us several plates construction. There are five currently and are unlocked by leveling up. You can get more at the store, but surprise, there is to spend per box because the maps cost rubies. The cheapest is worth 75 red rubies and the cheaper package gives us 105 rubies for 5.49 euros. If you want the village sleepy, you will need to get 375 gems, which come to be about 22 euros.

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And what can you do? Well, two things: build or play on the map. You can choose the one that you choose, the camera of your mobile will be activated and you will have to find an area smooth to place it. In the mode “Build” works perfectly, but in the mode “Play” is not. The app does not detect surfaces well and don’t let us to put the map on the floor. In addition, in the mode of “Play” we cannot get closer to the map, something that in the build mode itself. On the contrary, only in the mode “Play,” we can use the punches to extract resources.

Map Badly In the “Game” mode, the app does not detect surfaces well and put the bases of a somewhat peculiar.

In the construction mode, you’ll be able to edit all the blocks and put the ones that you have in your inventory (which are the ones that have succeeded in exploring). The options are unlimited, as in ‘Minecraft’, so that according to the resources that you have it you can make works more gigantic or modifications smaller. When you have finished, simply exit to the main map of the game and the changes will be saved.

Really, these maps default are the base, but you can remove all the blocks and create what you want. Let us, on the map that you have unlocked at the beginning, you can create the Castle of Hogwarts if you wanted to. Which leads me to think that the only reason to buy more bases is to be able to expand your catalog of creations. As a highlight, you can add a friend the construction mode to work with, but you’ll have to be close to each other.

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‘Minecraft Earth’ is a bit lame

Minecraft Earth Game

And this is all, there really is nothing more, at least for now. ‘Minecraft Earth’ consists of walking for your city to collect resources and creatures to, then, place them in your creations. Grace, of course, is that if you want a certain type of concrete material you can kick the city in search of such material, that you play randomly.

Perhaps you could explore other options to increase the social aspect of the game

However, falls a bit short in terms of interaction with the real world. Pokémon GO you have the raids, which allow you to collaborate with other players in a common goal, but in ‘Minecraft Earth’ you are missing something more. I can think of several options, as players can go to a landmark and decorate the surroundings with their creations, for example.

The game works fine, the soundtrack is faithful to the game and, in a certain way, does not cease to be a ‘Minecraft’ renewed. Remember we are talking about a beta in an early stage of their development, so we can expect that many things will change and be added many others. For the moment, we can only hope the game is polished and comes official way to the Google Play and App Store.


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