The History of the Consultant, Which Has Helped to Create a World “Without a View”


CNET confirms Apple has used the advice of the experts in the field of eye problems, among which Joe Strechay stands out.


Associate producer Joe Strechay has helped to make the scenes and scripts as accurate as possible. Recall that in See, a virus world caused a massacre decimating the world’s population and leaving the blind to the other members of the human race. The series focuses on the lives of those who do not see until, miraculously born of two twins can see. A war full of subterfuge and violence will begin.

The tips Strechay have helped to ensure that what was represented on the screen was close to the way in which a society of visually impaired persons could be organized. The consultant is suffering from a genetic disease called retinitis pigmentosa. For years, he has taught people with vision problems how to travel, how to move and how to manage the world of work. Since 2009, Strechay is also a member of theAmerican Foundation for the program “Blind’s Career Connect.

After having worked on “Royal Pains” USA Network, Strechay has been involved in the production of “Daredevil” for Netflix in 2013, to review the scripts and suggestions, as well as to help the actor Charlie Cox, who played the lawyer, and the hero Matt Murdock with vision problems. “I worked with the lead actor and I’ve trained in the techniques of blindness “said Strechay. “Not to pretend blindness, but the small things that blind people can do “.

For the series Apple TV+ See, Strechay reviewed the scripts at the beginning of its development, before moving from Pennsylvania to British Columbia in July 2018 to work on the issue. Initially, he responded to questions of the writers and shared a few notes well-known, before you begin to work side-by-side with the director in the most complex scenes : “Everything that you see players do, I have done “said Strechay. “Go down to the waterfall ? I’ve done it. Flock-they on the rocks ? I have done “.

Apple has hired several actors visually impaired people in some key roles in the series, as well as actors of the second order. Strechay confirms that there was dozens of actors and visually impaired persons, including two stuntmen. The expert also worked with the actors, without the problems of a view to make them understand how to move and how to put themselves in the shoes of a visually-impaired child. Each actor has participated in training sessions that lasted several weeks.

Strechay has also helped the production to choose the accessories, and how a community made up of blind people could be organized : “Several times, Jason Momoa has selected the accessories based on their appearance and not their practicality and usefulness. For this reason, I had to clarify several times how these ugly objects were instead much more useful for people with sight problems “.

Despite the work of Strechay and the great attention of Apple on this type of topic, See has been criticized for some choices related to the way in which a community of blind people could be organized in day to day activities. For these reasons also, Strechay reassures that the second season will also bring a number of improvements in this regard : “We have seen only a small part of the world during the first season. Who can say what exists in the world ? “


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