The initiative ‘PlayStation Indies’ announced with 9 games of PS4 and PS5


To push even more creativity with the separate titles, Shuhei Yoshida presents the program for which he was promoted.

In the readjustment of the branch of PlayStation in the year 2019, Shuhei Yoshida decided not to be the head of Sony Worldwide Studios, for an important role led to the independent developers. His new role makes even more sense in this month of July with the initiative PlayStation Indies.

But, what is this program ? Help and better promote the indie games as well as this whole scene for the awareness on the part of the players.

As some may have noticed already, I’ve always enjoyed the indie games and, since he was appointed Head of the initiative of the PlayStation Indies in November last year, I have been working in close collaboration with all services of Sony Interactive Entertainment to make life easier for independent developers, and the brightness of their games in the ultra competitive market of video games.

Together, we are very pleased to formally announce the initiative PlayStation Indies. With PlayStation Indias, we hope to support and publicize not only the best indie games released on the PlayStation, but also of the whole of the autonomous community. Our goal is to make PlayStation the best place to develop, find and play the independent games exceptional.

Another hidden purpose ? Yes, the support of the productions most original that have not had the green light, financial AAA.

Before stopping in these games, you should know that by now, a as indie per month join systematically the PlayStation Now.

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List of the first 9 games of PS4/PS5 PlayStation Indies

  • Cracks (PS4) : of dark creatures to imprison through the light, levers to activate within a manor house and an aesthetic very marked as are the promises. More details here
  • The heavenly Bodies (PS4/PS5) : replace Sandra Bullock for the missions of the gravity, about a space station. More details here
  • The worms Rumble (PS4/PS5) : the worms are back in a new formula that involves real-time battles with 32 players, the disappearance of the destruction of thrust of the plot and the support of crossplay. More details here
  • Haven (PS4/PS5) : developed by the team of Fury, the game returns to its arrival in the next Sony console. More details here
  • Recompile (PS5) : you play as a character very common virus, to find a way to survive in d├ęgommant your enemies. More details here
  • Carto (PS4) : to move with your little bit of heroin, you will have to pick up the pieces of the map to navigate. More details here
  • Where the Heart Is (PS4) : options and implications, the exploration of environments, but also of oneself. More details here
  • Demo (PS4/PS5) : a puzzle game where two worlds face each other, the actual size and version of the model, where changes in the latter affect the other to solve the puzzles. More details here
  • F. I. S. T (PS4) the machines have taken control, but you, a rabbit with a huge iron fist, will be there to drive them out of your strength. More details here

Trailers of some of the games on PS4/PS5 PlayStation Indies

The Celestial Bodies :

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The Worms Rumble :

Haven :

Recompile :

Carto :

Where Is the Heart :

Model :

F. I. S. T :

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