the military past of Gal Gadot triggers a storm in the arab world


While “Wonder Woman” is released on our screens on the 7th of June, his lead actress, Gal Gadot, show of support of the israeli army has been heavily contested in many arab countries, up to a censoring of the film in Lebanon.

Since its release in the dining room, the new DC Comics dedicated to the super heroine Wonder Woman has sparked the fury of many arab countries. The cause : his main actress Gal Gadot, of israeli origin, and its show of support to the army of his country.

Dedicated today as a rising star of Hollywood, Gal Gadot has not always worked in the film industry. Before embarking on a career as a model and actress, this former Miss Israel, who was born in Rosh HaAyin in 1985, performs the military service imposed by the israeli army for two years. Within the Idf, she became a teacher at the battle for young recruits of the army. A military past which catches up with her at the time of the release of the film Wonder Woman.

Boycotted in Lebanon

Last week we learned that Lebanon had decided to ban the film because of the jewish origins of its lead actress. As a result of numerous calls and pressure, particularly the group Campaign to boycott supporters of Israel-Lebanon via Twitter and the arab League, the minister of Economy and Trade of Lebanon, Raëd Khoury, has finally banned the distribution of the film in the cinemas of the country. But this was not the first time such a discharge occurs, as already in 2014, while she was camping the super heroine in Batman Vs Supermanhis presence in the film had raised some disputes without the film being scratched screens.

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But more than its origins, it seems that this is his public positions in favor of the israeli army which are at the heart of the conflict. In the month of July and August 2014, violent clashes broke out between the State of Israel and several paramilitary forces palestinian Hamas and islamic Jihad. The result of this “third war in Gaza”, the number of palestinian civilians killed reached a level unprecedented since the Six-day war of June 1967. At the time the actress had then, in an awkward way, posted, via a post on his account Facebook, its support to the army of his country.

I send my love and prayers to my other israeli citizens. Especially to all the boys and girls who risk their lives to protect my country against acts of terror by Hamas, who are hiding like cowards behind women and children… We shall overcome it all! Shabbat Shalom!“read tracking hashtags patriotic #weareright (“we”), #freegazafromhamas (“free Gaza from Hamas”) or #stopterror, #coexistance, #loveidf (“I love IDF”, Israeli Defense Force, editor’s note).

A publication which had not been slow to react to the internet users. Today the output of Wonder Woman has only served to revive the controversy, a controversy, all the more exacerbated by its role overtly “humanist” of super heroine.

Jordan could also ban the film

Today, it is Jordan who could ban the film. As shown in International Mail, an application has been filed with the media Commission. If the decision has not yet been adopted, “activists have raised their voice to denounce the fact that the main actress of the film, Gal Gadot, was an israeli citizen who had joined for two years the ranks of the Idf, in the framework of compulsory military service” as specifies the daily life of Amman.

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Deprogrammed in Algeria

Same sentence in Algeria, where the film had to be presented in the framework of the “Nights at the cinema” and was eventually replaced by The Guardians of the Galaxy 2 as shown in TSA. The communications manager of the private company distribution MD Ciné, Amine Idjer did not, however, talk of a boycott, and mentions “a problem in the procedure, so that today we can not deliver it in the time limits set“, and ensures that Wonder Woman, the output of which was postponed, will come out well on the screens on June 28. A petition has, however, been launched. Tunisia has also cancelled the premiere of the film that was to take place yesterday at the cinema The Coliseum, without that no explanation was even given.


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