The movie of Minecraft already has a release date


MADRID, 17 Apr. (CulturaOcio) –

The movie based on the video game Minecraft finally has a release date. The tape that will Warner Bros. and Mojang will come to the cinemas on the 4th of march 2022a new release date after the project cancel your release date earlier, in may of 2019.

In a statement on the official website of Minecraft, Mojang has insisted that, despite the distance before the arrival of the film, you have to understand that it is “really difficult” to do a project of this caliber. In the text we have also included a synopsis of the film:

“After the malevolent Enderdragón to undertake a path of destruction, a teenage girl and her group of adventurers must save your beautiful and full of blocks Real-World“. So, the story is set in one of the original dimensions of the video game, in addition to include one of the final bosses of the same: the Enderdragón.

Mojang says that the film will be different from the experience of the game. “Although, first of all, we are developers of video games, making a film is something new and very exciting”, commented in his text. “There is something that will be, definitely, like. We want to make the movie for you“, the text concludes by referring to the dedication of the study of video games with their fans.

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Have not been announced details about the casting of the film, but yes that Peter Sollettdirector of Nick and Nora, A Night of Music and Love, will be the director of the film. Sollett replaces Rob McElhenney, disassociated itself from the project last August.


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