the movies to see absolutely as of this weekend


Free movie channels for all Freebox subscribers : the movies to see absolutely as of this weekend

Of cult films to the big hollywood productions-from nuggets to discover the 7th art, it continues during the déconfinement to all Freebox subscribers with particular TCM Cinema (channel 123), accessible free of charge until may 28 next. Included in the basic range, Paramount Channel (52) and RTL9 (29) are worth also the turning. Almost cinephile, Univers Freebox you breath its unmissable the next few days !

Friday : shark fierce or volcano eruption ?

As put in the mouthat 18: 45 on TCM the Cinema , “The World according to Garp”, an adaptation of the novel of the same name by John Irving. Find out about the life of Garp, son of a nurse single played by Robin Williams, and writer candide.

It is necessary to avoid the disaster and come out unscathed 20: 50 on Paramount Channel with “The Pic of Dante”. The pitch : ” After having tried in vain to alert the authorities of a small town, a scientist played by Pierce Brosnan, must stand firm for his life in the hell of a volcanic eruption. The mayor, a young woman full of courage, and his two children follow in this race for survival.”

And if not a party “Teeth of the sea” on RTL9 waiting for you. But in a way inverted. A 20: 45 cet will take place the second part, with less aggressive since Spielberg has left the ship followed at 22: 45 of the first opus, a film-still a cult consiéré today as ” The ” reference of its kind. The sharks have never been so fierce !

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Saturday : two cops in Miami or the heist of the century ?

Has 1655 hours, an afternoon on the sofa with Sylvester Stallone much more sober than in Rambo ? Throw yourself on “Copland” on RTL9. “In the wake of a police killing, a cop incorruptible arrives in a city-dormitory the united states, where the forces of the order shall apply their own law in defiance of a superior puppet.”

Ben Affleck as a super agent Jack Ryan in the adaptation rather successful of a best-selling novel by Tom Clancy, it tempts you ? RTL9 broadcast at 10h35 “The sum of all fears”.

Will follow at 20.45 the great “Miami Vice, two cops in Miami” with Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx in the skin of two cops fly high infiltrating an international cartel of drug traffickers with the intention to dismantle it. But the family and the feelings are going to put a spoke in the wheels ! Brilliant, dark and disturbing !

Still not convinced ? Try before joining the arms of Morpheus, Prisoners at 22.55 always on RTL9 with Hugh Jackman (X-Men) and Jake Gyllenhaal. “A father desperate decides to make his own justice, by removing and torturing the man he believes to be responsible for the disappearance of her 6 year old daughter.”

Our favorite of the evening :

“The Big Short : the heist of the century” with Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, Brad Pitt 20: 50 on TCM Cinema. Released in 2015, this big production plunges on Wall Street in 2005, where four traders, anticipating the explosion of the financial bubble and the real estate crisis, they bet against the bank and win the mother lode.

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Sunday : the giggles before getting serious

Gags to die of laughter in the police comedy “Very Bad Cops “(2010) on RTL9 at 16.55. The cast is XXL : Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Samuel L Jackson, Dwayne Johnson, Michael Keaton and Eva Mendes.

A 20h50 on TCM Cinema, “The shawshank redemption”a classic often ranked in the top 100 of the best films of the history. It is the story of a man unjustly condemned for murder of his wife and her lover and who will spend almost twenty years in a penitentiary.

The next week : a human elephant, a brain doped, and a horror classic

Monday, may 25 :

Fasten your seat belts 20: 50 on TCM Cinema ! It is left for two hours of stunts and twists in “U. S Marshals with Tommy Lee Jones in the role of the old bear who has a sense of smell.

Tuesday, may 26 :

Push the limits of your brain on Paramount Channel at 18h35in “Limitless”, a new drug that gives them wings and a infinite knowledge for a writer missed played by Bradley Cooper, who would become a genius of Wall Street.

Follow the adventure at 20h40 with “Congo” : American scientists, escorted by an adventurer Romanian, discovered in central Africa, the ruins of a lost city protected by monkeys of a species mutant dangerous. A good adaptation.

A don’t miss also, a masterpiece of the 7th art 18: 50 on TCM Movie : the Elephant Man of David Lynch. Incredibly mastered, an image black and white high, a composition of John Hurt, who provides all of the necessary thickness, a plea for the right to the difference. Sublime.

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Follow to 2050, “Contact”, a science fiction film focused by an excellent Jodie Foster in the role of a scientist attempting to establish a communication with other worlds.

And what better than a great horror classic to conclude the evening with “The Exorcist” at 23: 15 on channel 123. This is the version of the year 2000 with 11 minutes of additional scenes.

Wednesday 27 :

A 20h50 on TCM Movie : “Wyatt Earp”a western course a long one, but fans of the genre will be delighted. It is mostly based on a true story plunging into full conquest of the West, through the biography of one of its most famous heroes.

Will follow at 23H55 a little bit of romance and drama in this classic black-and-white 1942 : “Casablanca”. During the Second world War, the night club the most popular area of the city is bound an American in exile. But the establishment also serves as a refuge to those who would like to procure the necessary papers to leave the country.


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