The music and virtual reality : Jean-Michel Jarre, the sound of innovation


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“Alone Together” : alone, but together. It is the experience that Jean-Michel Jarre has been live with more than 600 000 people live on the 21st of June. Thanks to virtual reality, the artist and his audience were immersed in a same screen. When the V. A. is a vector of emotion, and a new socialization : the pioneer in innovation, technology, and the music is our guest. It defends a certain idea of europe, of the creation, and celebrates start-ups in the sector.

The music industry is still finding a new business model. After the majors, like Sony, are looking more closely at the universe, digital artists have multiplied, the performance on-line during the delivery.

While the rapper Travis Scott has transformed the game Fortnite in the concert hall planetary, the singer John Legend has invested the platform Wave. If this is virtual reality, the economic benefits are very real. History.

This season, even the MIDEM, the music market, which is held by a screen. The Midemlab, his famous contest of start-ups from around the world, has once again enabled a number of interesting discoveries, as, a platform for Latvian to teach more easily the theory and practice of a instrument for school-age children, or Uptune, an application in canada that offers a sound engineer in house.

Create multiple : it is a principle of Jamspace. The French application has attracted Guilllaume Grallet. Take the guitar to a test tray !

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