the necessary cash that will go wonderfully !


If there is a style that goes very well with our pretty Rihanna: it’s beautiful and well-maintained metal ! It gives you more details.

Rihanna wears beautifully the necessary cash ! MCE TV gives you more details.

When wearing metallics this is sure it does not go unnoticed ! And Rihanna is doing very, very well.

In fact, on the red carpet, the beauty of barbados is always noticed for her beautiful outfits. On the other hand, remembers very well her beautiful yellow dress at the MET gala in 2015 !

So, the young man made him see all the colors and all styles ! In effect, the summer dress, vintage dress leopard printthe beautiful singer amazes us with his different styles !

Besides the singer of the door as well as the jogging casual Adidas as the beautiful dresses of the creator ! Here’s to you, the 5 metallic appearance our beautiful singer.

Rihanna: the costumes metallic look will go great !

Rihanna : 5 seems to go so well

The first aspect that we have learned from Rihanna is a beautiful, mermaid dress, metallic. It was, in fact, for the 3rd Fashion Rocks Concert in 2006.

She accessorized her outfit with a simple bracelet while diamond. Her lipstick is dark red has melt more than one.

At the Brit Awards in 2008, Rihanna opted for a cute dress metal tube. In the moment in which the beautiful singer wore a haircut, that will suit you perfectly !

The first of Of the ocean 8 in New York the girl wore a gorgeous gown from Givenchy ! In silver with shades of purple, from head to toe, the young woman also wore the diamond jewelry to shine even more.

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In 2018, the beautiful singer treats us with a sublime vintage dress gold. It was also the first of Of the ocean 8 but this time in London.

Finally, Rihanna has wearing a nice mini dress of gold to promote their products Fenty. It was in the promo of your highlighter that gives a glow to your skin like gold !