The New Mutants : Josh Boone hope will be a trilogy


Delayed several times, the movie X-Men should be out at the end of August.

Despite the reports (related to the redemption of the Fox by Disney and then to the outbreak of Covid-19), Josh Boone still believes in suites of New Mutants. In an interview with SFX Magazinethe director confides :” After all this time, I finally managed to make my MY film The New Mutants, and I’m proud of it. What I hope now is that he will have enough success for the studio let me make a trilogy complete. I have everything planned “. The film was imagined as a franchise by Boone, before things take a turn quite different…

The New Mutants must get out on the 26th of next August in France. The plot follows a group of five young mutants (performed by Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Anya Taylor-Joy, Henry Zaga and Blu Hunt) locked up against their will in a psychiatric hospital, isolated, and who need to learn how to harness their powers to survive.

Trailer :

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