The New Mutants: Presentation Of The First Scene


The film The New Mutants has been awaited for more than 2 years in theaters and the date of August 26 seems to be confirmed with the virtual panel dedicated to the film when [email protected] was present at this panel, Josh Boone, the scriptwriter and director of the film, but also Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, Blu Hunt and Henry Zaga. Beyond the declarations of the latter, what is remembered from this event is the publication of the 1st scene of the feature film (from minute 24 of the video below) and new posters.

The coveted scene … which turns into a trailer:

The host of the panel opens the hostilities: “An old Native American proverb says that inside each person there are two bears. Always locked in the fight for your self. One bear is all that is needed. there is good: love, trust. The other? All that is bad: fear, shame and self-destruction. “

The action begins right after on a collapsing city, blown by what looks like a storm, except it’s not a storm, it’s an X-Men movie , need we remind you? We will not say more, except that the sequence ends the asylum which will serve as the backdrop for the film. The sequence then turns into a trailer starring Wolfsbane, Mirage and his mutant friends struggling with their powers.

Trilogy plans paused since the Disney / Fox merger:

Director Josh Boone went back to the plans he had before the Mouse ate poor, puny little Fox: “Everyone just needs to see what’s up with this one, see if he has. success or not. But we always intended to make a second movie that would take place in Brazil, but it would be centered around Warlock and Karma, and then a third that would use the Inferno crossover series from the X-Men of the 90s, who was a favorite of mine when I was a kid, and thought I was in the same tone as the horror movies. Each was a different kind of horror movie – the second was going to be an invasion movie alien and the third was going to be like a Magik Inferno , Anya [Taylor-Joy] “.

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Anecdotes during the casting and cut scenes:

2 scenes seem to have been cut from the final cut. The 1st features the character of Henry Zaga when he plays basketball, the 2nd, the one where Flina and Mirage, 2 women, get a little too close according to Disney’s tastes. But don’t worry, these 2 scenes will be in the version that will be released on video a little later in the year.

Maisie Williams, who plays Rahne Sinclair / Flina, explained how her first audition went on this deleted stage and recalled that the deal with her co-star was immediate: “From the first audition we had together , we hit it off so well, ”she said of Blu Hunt (Danielle“ Dani ”Moonstar / Mirage). “It was wonderful to see such a relationship in the typically male world of superheroes. It was wonderful to see these two fragile women protecting each other and enlightening each other.”

The new posters published:



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