The next two matches of the OM will be available … on Twitch


Of contraction, which will be issued the first of two friendly matches of the Olympic of Marseille. This is the first time that the streaming platform will stream encounters a Ligue 1 team. Twitch, owned by Amazon since 2014, is mainly specialized in the competitions in e-sports and streaming of video game play in general.

But in recent months, the trend has become the Chatting on the platform. The image of Talk-Show television, the streameurs have not hesitated to multiply the emissions of the discussions with their community, to pay the expenses of the meetings of the video games that have made the glory of Contraction.

With the containment, more and more people have discovered Contraction, and the platform has seen its audience increase by 50 %. Athletes, but also actors and singers have been on the platform to interact with their fans and organize several events during the health crisis. For example, the american rapper Travis Scott has organized a concert giant in line directly into the popular video game Fortnite.

The foot, already on Twitch

It is in this logic that the club Olympique de Marseille has agreed to permit the broadcast rights of the platform of the first two meetings of the club for almost 6 months. Even if the signs are not meetings of the most exciting in the history of football, this diffusion is, above all, a symbol of the growing importance of streaming platforms such as Twitch. Recently, the platform has acquired the rights and released of the matches in the Premier League.

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In the same way, the women’s game should also be released in the coming months. An agreement with the NFL (the league of american football) has also been found in a couple of months ago. Twitch will broadcast several regular season games. In the same philosophy, the NBA games had previously been broadcast live on Facebook or YouTube in the past.

This time, so this will be a football match between Olympique of Marseille and FC the impressive pinzgau, a club from the third division of austria. The meeting will take place on the 19th of July at 18: 30 in the stadium to austrian Kufstein.

The Phocians will be three days later, in Bavaria, to face a club from the fourth division in germany, the SV Heimstetten. The match will take place on Wednesday, July 22, at 19 hours, in the stadium Achental in Grassau, near the border with austria.


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