The Old Guard: A Sequel To Netflix’s New Blockbuster?

The Old Guard : une suite pour le nouveau blockbuster de Netflix ?

Faced with the monster success of the film worn by Charlize Theron, the streaming platform, available from the SFR box, could well follow the adventures of its immortal mercenaries …

Netflix seems to have found the recipe for success with its films: real blockbusters where the action is king, worn moreover by Hollywood stars.

Thus, after Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake, Ryan Reynolds’ 6 Underground, or even, albeit in a different genre, Sandra Bullock’s Birdbox, the platform available from the SFR box offered, there are just two weeks ago, The Old Guard with Charlize Theron.

And it’s an understatement to say that this new original production is still a hit! Perhaps even more than the others, since this adaptation of the comics of the same name would outright break records according to the American streaming giant … On Twitter, the latter indeed let it be known last weekend that the story of ‘Andy and the other immortal mercenaries was already in the Top 10 most popular movies in its history! And to specify, even, that it was well on its way to seduce a total of 72 million households during its first month on the platform.

Little wonder, then, that it is rumored that a sequel to The Old Guard could see the light of day on Netflix. Especially since, without wanting to spoil those who have not yet seen it, the feature film ends with a sacred revelation!

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The Old Guard, the trilogy?

If there is of course nothing official yet, everything thus suggests that Andy will undoubtedly be back for other adventures. The good news, anyway, is that Charlize Theron recently told Variety that she’s up for grabs to return to service as the Immortal. Just given the fact that we all really want to do it, I’m sure that when the time comes, we’ll start a conversation about it, ” the actress even told the specialist magazine on Tuesday, July 21.

And that’s not to mention that for her part, the director of The Old Guard had already made some very encouraging words about a sequel (or even two …) even though the film had just landed on the platform streaming. At the microphone of Collider, Gina Prince-Bythewood declared on July 11 that the scriptwriter of the feature film and comics, Greg Rucka, ” always imagined it as a trilogy “! Then added, ” I know where the story will take us, and that’s really cool. So if viewers want more, there is clearly more to tell.

So, do you want more? We would be ready to bet that your wishes will soon be realized …

The Old Guard, the shocking new movie starring Charlize Theron, is on Netflix. The streaming platform available from the SFR box.

Sources: Variety, Collider



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