The queen has learned the technological advances in the current pandemic

The monarch has become used to fulfilling her commitments through video calls and virtual meetings.

The coronavirus pandemic showed Queen Elizabeth II technological advancements. With the measures and restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus, the English monarch had to cancel several appointments but was present at several of them thanks to video calls and conference calls.

According to royal affairs expert Katie Nicholl, the queen has made many commitments that would not have been possible before.

“He has never made so many video calls as this year, and he enjoys doing them a lot,” suggests the journalist.

And many people Queen Elizabeth spoke to through the video were impressed by the 94-year-old’s clarity and ease of speech.

Some meetings he attended were shared by Buckingham Palace on the official Instagram.

Last week, the queen paid a virtual visit to the British company KPMG UK to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the company.

His Majesty was greeted by the President of the UK company, Bill Michael, who shared the story of KPMG’s support of British companies over the past 150 years.

The Queen learned of the company’s ongoing efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the accounting profession and spoke to employees across the UK about their personal stories.

This week the Queen also held virtual hearings via video link from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace, to deliver, virtually, some recognitions.

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