the result of the shoot is going to be different !


After a two-month break linked to the covid-19, Robert Pattinson can finally resume the filming of the Batman… but in a different way.

For the resumption of shooting of the feature film ” The Batman “, Robert Pattinson and his co-stars must follow many of the rules health and economic. MCE will reveal to you why.

It’s official ! Your super-hero Batman, played by the beautiful Robert Pattinson, is coming soon on the big screen. Moreover, the shooting of the film can finally resume !

In fact, the latter, who had just started, is at a standstill because of the pandemic the covid-19. And “The Batman” was not the only feature impacted !

Yes, the whole universe of the 7th art had to pause for reasons of health and safety. But after two months of inactivity, a part of the world of cinema can finally resume service !

Moreover, it is the case of “the Batman” with Robert Pattinson. Thus, the british government authorised the aftermath of the shooting as of July 21, 2020. It is long but it is already that…

However, this resumption of shooting looks very complicated. But also different ! You will have understood it : the virus is still circulating and it is necessary to be very careful.

The Batman after shooting with Robert Pattinson is going to be different 640

Robert Pattinson is going to suffer

Resume the shooting of the feature film ” The Batman “ turns into a real headache ! In fact, directors and actors, like Robert Pattinson, are going to have to make big sacrifices.

Yes, even the biggest stars do not have the choice. To come on the set, it is necessary to follow a set of instructions.

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As well, Robert Pattinson and his co-stars are going to have to comply with guidelines. First of all, the social distancing. So, how do the scenes of romance ? They do not have the right to kisses !

But that’s not all ! The latter must submit to measures of body temperature and regular tests. Yes, it is not necessary to take risks in the face of the covid-19.

So the least we can say is that the show runners are going to have to to dig the meninges to succeed to shoot all the action scenes planned…