the role-playing game and open world, would be scheduled for the end of 2021


In the last few months, the rumor that Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment was going to work in a role-playing game of Harry Potter there is much talk on the internet. According to the most recent information BloombergI was going to leave in PS5 and Xbox X of the Series of the end of 2021.

It is important to keep in mind that this role-playing game of Harry Potter has never been officially announced. The first rumors about it have arisen from the publication of a video posted on Reddit in 2018. It is similar to a trailer, and lasts a little over a minute. There is a menu of character creation, a combat phase and different similar to those proposed in the books and movies of Harry Potter. Therefore, imagine that the players have the opportunity to develop their own sorcerer in an open world that includes the magic school of Hogwarts and its surroundings.

Two anonymous sources saying close to the project have revealed to the string Bloomberg that the project is “real property “ and that the Avalanche of Software, in particular, known for the creation of the games Disney Infinty, would be responsible for the development of the RPG of Harry Potter. These sources also have confirmed the authenticity of the video of 2018, but that of the many rumors that occurred then are false.

If all this is true, the development of the game is facing some obstacles, the first is, of course, the pandemic of Covid-19, which currently affects the planet. The second would be the possible sale of the development of the studios Warner Bros, which could be of interest to the major players of the video game industry, such as Take-two, Electronic Arts or Activision Blizzard. According to Matthew Kanterman analyst Bloomberg, as a result of this sale, the most expensive of the projects of the studio are the ones who are more likely to be cancelled, especially those that are in development for a long time.

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The last factor that could prejudice this role-playing game would be the behavior of the creator of the license of J. K Rolling in the social network, which many have considered as a transphobe. This has earned him many critics, both on the part of their fans as part of the stars of the franchise of Harry Potter Fantastic beasts Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Eddie Redmayne.

Usually very invested in the projects inspired by the universe of Harry Potter, the Rolling would be very little invested in the creation of the rpg.

Felicia Graby, editor-in-chief of MuggleNet, the largest site, fan of Harry Potter, has written a letter to Bloomberg saying that this controversy is a fact very negative on the future of the game. “I could, based on what I’ve seen in some fans, I think that the comments Rowling has made an impact on the level of interest I had for the RPG of Harry Potter, or for other projects to come,” Graby adds. “We’ve seen comments from fans no longer wanting to endure Rowling, or of the mark financially. “

These problems have led Warner Bros to change its objectives related to the project announcement, which was made for E3 in the year 2020. The new plan, sources informed, is to give to know the new Batman game in August during the DC Fandome, and then get back in the RPG of Harry Potter later. This program has, however, been developed before the comments from Rowling.

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