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Simultaneously with the protests, Black lives matter in all the world, the battle of Assa Traoré, calling for “justice” for his brother in 2016, has had the last echoes across the Atlantic, where it has received support from the celebrity american.

Assa Traoré, an emblematic figure of the struggle against police violence and racism since the death of his brother Adama in July of 2016, which puts in question the responsibility of the police officers who made the arrest, was awarded on June 28, the american prize “BET Global Good”, in the framework of the “BET Awards”, created in 2001 by the string Black Entertainment Televisionin order to reward primarily African-Americans and other minorities in the various fields of the entertainment and participation.

“It is a recognition of all the victims, to all the families who continue to fight for truth and justice,” said Assa Traoré in a video message at a ceremony for virtual rewards.

The battle of Assa Traoré has crossed borders in the context of the international movement Black lives matter what has been gained in intensity since the death of a citizen, the african-american George Floyd in the month of may, during his detention in Minneapolis. As noted by AFP, several american newspapers have made the portrait of Assa Traoré these past few days, Rihanna has split a message in the social network via the account of its mark in recognition of their commitment. “The activism of black is so powerful. Activism black is built on a legacy of those brave people who struggle against the injustices of the world and we strive to create a better world for us all”” can be read in a publication of the list, among other things, Assa Traoré.

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In France, their positions continue to provoke controversy, several intellectuals of the allegation of a “racialization” of public debate, the challenge of “universalism republican”.

Announced a few days before by the magazine The Hollywood Reporterthe granting of an award of the american Assa Traoré had reacted to the policeman, trade unionist Alexander Langlois to the antenna of the RT France, denouncing the slowness of the French justice in the record, was very critical in the fight led by Assa Traoré. “The united States are doing what they want, in France, I would like to shock a little, because it was not all that is mixed in this fight,” he said, referring to a struggle “ideological” and “catch-all”, which was, according to him, “amalgamation”. “There is a will to truth that I can understand […] The slowness of Justice is inadmissible, at the end of four years it is still not the truth”, he still felt

Since the death in July of 2016, of his brother after his arrest by gendarmes in Beaumont-sur-Oise, in the parisian region, Assa Traoré enters in events, lectures, interviews. Backed by a strong “committee” of twenty family members and activists from the districts, unflaggingly called “truth and justice” by Adama.

The research, still in progress, it became the battle of the experience, without that by the time of implementation, because the forces of law and order.


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