The signing of a surprise that Mourinho has almost closed in Tottenham


The season of Jose Mourinho has gone from more to less in the Tottenham side who picked up 10 points from the positions of the Champions League and although the came has never been in them at this time and it looks complicated that you can achieve that goal. In some forums warn that the Portuguese coach has lost its brilliance, or at least his star.

However, the Portuguese do not have paint that will go to pay and believes that it’s willing to turn it over to the situation if given the opportunity in the whole of White Hart Line. To do this it seems that Jose Mourinho wants to return to have a winning team and to do this you want to mark the difference with the physical from the start and for that reason your first bet, it looks like that will be the valencianista Geoffrey Kondogbia, for whom could make an offer you really a millionaire, points to about 50 million euros in some of the media in England.

The French player would come to replace a Tanguy N Dombelé that are signed in the summer for € 62 million and it did not work neither with Mauricio Pochettino nor with the Portuguese coach.

Jose Mourinho wants Kondogbia raise the level of your center of the field and to make several signings in the centre of the defence to raise the level of a Tottenham side that completely fell off at the end of last season, despite reaching the final of the Champions League and this season has paid those broken dishes.

The alternative in case of not getting Kondogbia could be Thomas Partey, another player who likes a lot to Mourinho and that in addition to having more creativity than the French, however, its price is also more high, as that would be close to 100 million euros to get him out of Atletico Madrid.


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