The Silliness of the Friday : the flexibility of Arnold


Photo by Arnold Schwarzenegger (Youtube)

Welcome to this edition of the Silliness of the Friday!

Here are a few of the videos most crazy, funny or spectacular that caught our attention recently.

It is gone!

The flexibility of Arnold

Even at 72 years, Arnold Schwarzenegger looks to have an impressive physical shape. The muscles appear to be still there, but the flexibility? You will discover by clicking on this video from his Youtube channel.

An intense workout

Charles Gosselin has sent us a video of a new exercise to try at home to keep in shape.

Do a push-up, mow the lawn, eat potato chips, drink a beer and change clothes at the same time? Easy.

Take a look at :

Four series of ten? If not worse.

Charles Gosselin

Juggling a cheeseburger

What is one to do when one is a professional juggler and that one has not eaten his dinner?

Ask Michael Rayner!

Even more!

These videos, and others, will be presented at the chronic Laprise Connected in the show Le 5 à 7 on RDS. Don’t miss it!


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