the singer explains why she participated in the event, “A World” In-House “


Elton John, Celine Dion, passing by the Rolling Stones, the night of Saturday to Sunday, has seen an incredible number of international stars. Gathered at the initiative of Lady Gaga, to collect donations on behalf of the caregivers of the world and of the research against the COVID-19. Among these celebrities, two small French-speaking shows, including singer Angela and her inescapable hit ” the Balance of your what “.

Angela tells how she was contacted by Lady Gaga

Few artists have had the honor of being contacted by the american singer, in order to participate in the great concert virtual “World” In House “. Only 2 of the singers of our country can boast of having contributed to : Christine and the Queens, and Angèle. For the YouTube channel RadioSCOOP, the latter is committed in the circumstances in which he has been invited to this great event.

“In fact, it is my team has been contacted a few days ago by Global Citizen, a civic association, which organizes the event with the United Nations, the WHO and Lady Gaga. So this is nothing, however, because of Lady Gaga I, personally, can’t believe it. “says the young belgian.

Obviously, still under the shock of their participation, the sparkling eyes of the singer leave little room for doubt about his great enthusiasm.

For Angela, it was important to participate in this meeting of artists

Even if Angela had been basically surprised by the proposal incongruous against his team, she seems not to have hesitated a single second in his commitment to A “World” At Home.” In this sense, she cites several reasons in his interview with RadioSCOOP :

  • Your main objective ? Meet in these difficult times, and to convey a message of unity and support for the song, to all the staff of caregivers and people in need.
  • She admits that she is also an honor to participate in a cause like this, along with artists he admires, such as Christine and the Queens, to which she says have sent a message when she learned of his involvement.
  • According To Angela, it was also an opportunity to encourage people to make donations, even if you do not feel legitimate to ask for such a thing. It is considered that it is important, however, to be able to convey the message, so that those who can afford it don’t hesitate for a second.

In this, the young singer can boast having achieved its objective, since the event Lady Gaga has raised more than $ 127 million in pledges. An initiative that has borne fruit, therefore, even if the majority of the donors are companies or philanthropists requested by WHO and a Global Citizen, with the image of Tim Cook, the Apple chief, who did not hesitate to pay $ 10 million.

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