the singer really excited by the success of the event, “One World”


Organized Saturday evening by the pop star after just a couple of days of preparation, the concert is a virtual “One World”, has brought together a galaxy of international stars.

Behind this unique event that is stored in the cache of Lady Gaga, who had decided at the end of march that they will not remain idly by while the coronavirus was progressing in the world. With your talent as an artist and singer, the young man has had the idea of organizing a concert grand virtual, with the cooperation of a multitude of other music stars, live broadcast from all over the world through numerous television channels and internet platforms.

Lady Gaga has thanked her fans on Instagram

A Global Citizen At Home TogetherWhile the event was a great success, as has been seen by billions of people in the world, Lady Gaga has thanked her fans today, via a story in Instagram. The one that has managed to bring together names as prestigious as Elton John, the Rolling Stones or Celine Dion, appeared visibly honored to have made their contribution to the fight against the COVID-19.

“I thank you from deep of my heart come #TogetherAtHome. Thank you for sharing a moment of kindness to others, positivity and love. We love you ! “wrote the singer.

In social networks, the event organized by Lady Gaga had gathered millions of internet users who had negotiated together during the live, thanks to the hashtag #TogetherAtHome. A beautiful way to honor the approach of the blonde, who was to unite the community around a great cause.

Lady Gaga has more than 120 million dollars

Beyond the spirit of solidarity wanted by Lady Gaga, was also to collect donations to the WHO and to the associations that provide assistance to caregivers. Again, this is a success for the pop star, as their event, organized in collaboration with the Global Citizen and WHO has reached the goals it had set.

Lady Gaga on Instagram

  • According to the Twitter account of the organization Global citizen, the promises of donations to reach more than $ 127 million.
  • This money will help to support the staff of the health in all countries of the world, as well as the solidarity Fund for the fight against the COVID-19, managed by the WHO (world health Organization).

To help Lady Gaga in his company, many international figures gathered around him, like Jennifer Lopez or Bill Gates, but also of the French artists, in the image of cristina and the Queen and Angela. While the concert was being simultaneously broadcast on a large number of platforms and tv channels, the YouTube account of the Global Citizen has raised more than 22 million spectators from all countries. In regard to the actual number of hearings, we should have a response within a couple of days, but according to the estimates, the latter would be in the hundreds of millions of people in the low word.

Global citizen on Twitter

In 1985, an event of the same style, the Live Aid, designed to raise funds to fight against famine in Ethiopia, had gathered close to 2 billion people on the planet. Who knows, maybe Lady Gaga can boast very soon, have shot up this record ?


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