The singer Rihanna is drowning in the millions


Updated 14.05.2020 at 13:50

United Kingdom

The artist from Barbados is the first woman to appear in the ranking of musicians, the richest living in England drawn up by the “Sunday Times”.

The american star launched the brand Fenty in 2017, with the luxury group LVMH.

The american star launched the brand Fenty in 2017, with the luxury group LVMH.


Rihanna, who resides in London, has a fortune estimated at 555 million swiss francs. This maous fortune allows him to appear in 3rd place in the latest Rich List as of the date of the Sunday Time. In front of it are the musicians Andrew Lloyd Webber (composer of musicals, including “Cats”) and the ex-Beatles Paul McCartney, each rich to 949 million swiss francs.

According to the newspaper, the singer of 32 years has made a fortune mainly due to the brand of cosmetics Fenty Beauty, which it launched in 2017, and of which it holds 15%, valued recently at close to 3 billion swiss francs. At the global level, Rihanna is said to be now the singer with the biggest bank account, before Madonna (548 million), Celine Dion ($433 million) and Beyoncé (385 million), said the BBC.

Musicians the richest of England

1. Andrew Lloyd-Webber949 millions of swiss francs)

1. Paul McCartney (949 million)

3. Rihanna555 million)

4. Elton John (427 million)

5. Mick Jagger (338 million)

6. Olivia and Dhani Harrison (320 million)

6. Keith Richards (320 million)

8. Ringo Starr (308 million)

9. Michael Flatley (244 million)

10. Ed Sheeran (237 million)

10. Rod Stewart (237 million)


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