The story behind Laura Pausini, the ally Striped with Tigers


In 1994the singer Laura Pausini released his first album in Spanish, which included the theme “It was”, a tune that became a hit; the album sold eight million copies around the world.

After 26 years, that song is still in force, at least in the memories of the nuevoleoneses, as the March 24, 1996 Pausini became the ‘allied’ Striped in the Classic Regio 51, known as the Classic Descentbecause, by the time the cats fell to the hands of the Monterreyin the University Stadium you heard the song that accompanied the suffering of the fans auriazules.

But, what is the story behind this melody was sung in the Volcano?

Inexplicably, the whistle of the referee and confirmed the defeat of Tigers and your loss of the category, in the sound local of their own home, they heard the topic of the interpreter the Italian, that by their letter, made more painful by the moment.

“It was, I was only your poison; it was, and my love was covered with ice; it was, and the life with him I was; it was, and since then I have only tears…” was heard when the fans were crying of sadness, helplessness, others of courage, and in the meantime, Nick Zamora, animator of the University Stadium, ran towards the bench of Tigers in order to remove that melody.

Zamora could not prevent that “was” became the song of the mocking for the Tigers and their fans, but who put it?, why?, was it Scratched?, what did the directive in this respect?, many of these questions have been made to the fans and Half-Time got answers.

By running to stop the song, Nick Zamora retained his employment at the time and told some years ago how it was that was the situation today reminds.

“We were a team, Tigers we recruited, the team of audio, the voice commercial which is the lord Warrior yet and your server, that I’m the animator environment; we never thought that Tiger was going to lose, then at the time that Tiger was losing, I remember very well that I approached ‘Guerrerito’ to ask what we were going to do about it?, what music should we put?, obviously any topic that you’re going to do much harm to the people.”

“We were close to the seats of Tigers local with the audio equipment, when I’m walking from where we were to where he was, the lord Warrior, at that time the person who was in charge of this shoot the song Laura Pausini from ‘was, was’, it was very painful for us, because from there I had to run to the person to tell you that what I was doing!, why had put that song?” recalled.

– What did you answered? – “The person told me that he never realized that he was making that specific song”.

– What did it because it was Scratched? – “Not going to any team, are those moments that pass, the song at that time was hitting a lot and since it was like a ring on a finger.”

– Can you reveal his name? – “He has already died, is no longer with us, I never said who it was by respect, he has passed on to a better life and that’s already happened, from then on Tigers changed, changed the audio equipment”.

“One day your son told me you gave your name, I told him, ‘your dad deserves all the respect in the world and what has already past, the errors that have been committed, because it does not have to load them one’, this has already happened.”

– Not to disclose the name, can you blame it? – “I could never have been my intention, that I can assure you, even though many of my friends say that in the epitaph of my grave is going to be ‘gone, is gone’; never was planned, no one deserves to be a mockery as strong as this situation, because we were the joke down at a lot of people, stayed on for many years, I have my conscience quiet”.

– What are the consequences brought the entonara that song? – “The team he was not requested to work, I was saved, was coming, it was my first season with the Tigers, a season lousy with Vucetich, it was the lord Warrior, I was I because the lords (the board) at a meeting subsequent to what had happened, they say to me on the board who saw that I ran to cut the song,” he revealed.

Zamora acknowledged that at that time was not a fan of Tigers, but neither was Striped. He was in charge of animation (voice), guidelines, and tours commercial of the club and although he ran and managed to cut the song, the damage was already done.


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