The strong messages of those personalities who fight against racism


In the United States, Americans are taking to the streets to protest and fight against the prevailing racism in the country. The detonator of this anger was the unbearable death of George Floyd at the time of his arrest in Minneapolis on may 25, 2020. The autopsy was made public on June 1, reveals that it is death a “homicide” by receiving a “pressure on his neck”. This black man had been tackled to the ground by a white policeman.

Celebrities appear to George Floyd

This is too much for very many Americans who want to claim that today justice. Thousands of them took to the streets to demonstrate against racism in the country. Often incognitos in the middle of the crowd, many celebrities have taken to participate in this historic movement this weekend. Among them Ariana Grande, has shown in Los Angeles wearing a sign reading “Blake Lives Matter”.

Omar Sy was also chosen to demonstrate on this day. On his account Instagram, he wrote : “Yesterday, in Los Angeles, we marched in peace and solidarity, shouting the names of George, Breonna, Ahmaud and many other victims here in the US. Via this post and this photo, I shout the name of Adama Traore, who, in France, July 19, 2016, has lost life in the same way that George Floyd. That their souls may rest in peace and that JUSTICE is finally done.”

Cole Sprouse on his side was arrested Sunday when he brought his support for the movement “Black Lives Matter“in Santa Monica. He explained the circumstances on his account Instagram : “we Were given the opportunity to leave and we were informed that if we do not withdraw, we would be arrested”.

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The personalities against racism on the social networks

Katherine Heigl on its side posted a long message on Instagram where she shares her concern, and his great anger at the idea of having to explain the racism to his daughters (Nancy, who is of south Korea and Adalaide is black). In this powerful message from Katherine Heigl, one can read : “It took me too much time to really internalize the disgusting and vile reality of racism. And now I’m crying. Because what would have had to change is still relevant. Despair seeps in. The fear that nothing will be able to do, like a poison that slowly moves and spreads through me.”

Beyoncé has shared a video in which it calls on its followers to sign a petition on its website, claiming justice for George Floyd. She explains : “I do not speak only to people of color. Whether you’re white, black, mixed or anything else, I’m sure you feel hopeless of racism that exists in America today.”

On Instagram, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have announced Sunday a donation of $ 200,000 to the NAACP Legal Defence Fund (a american organization of defense of civil rights). The couple are said to have “shame” not to have realized how racism was “deeply rooted” in the United States. They said : “we are raising our children differently from the way our parents. We want to learn about the experiences of others, and speak to our children of everything… especially of our own complicity.”

In France, people also commit as the author Fiona Schmidt, very active on social networks, which address a long message to the characters as white, who do not feel concerned

The blogger Gaëlle Prudencio has released a message on Instagram to remind people that discrimination is not only us : “This reality is not an american. These racist violence happen more often than we imagine in France, closer to home, at the corner of our street. I don’t know what will be the outcome of all of this. I dare to hope that our generation will make a difference with the future generations and that we will have allies in this fight against racism […] Anyway it is together. Your, our anger is legitimate. Person will succeed to convince us of the contrary. My only certainty is that I am black and proud to be one. Today more than ever”.

Rihanna by his side, has published a text, to convey his disgust : “Look at my people being killed and lynched, day after day has left me in a place heavy in my heart! At the point of stay away from social networks, just to avoid hearing again the agony chilling the blood in the voice of George Floyd, imploring him again and again in his life !!! […] Is this fucking normal ?!”

Finally the actress of the series Dear White People Logan Browning wrote : “The hustle / the hustle and bustle in this country is the ANSWER TO VIOLENCE ! This country has violently robbed people of their land. The violence against black people is allowed since that they have been stolen and considered property sub-human and once ‘freed’, they have continued to suffer more violence. […] America, you are very clearly VIOLENT.”


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