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The confirmation, a week ago, Celine Dion has indeed origins in Ploudiry, only seems to move the 952 inhabitants of this town of the North-Finistère.

The French canadian star would, therefore, have origins in brittany. A certain Jean Tanguy, baptized in 1662 in Ploudiry, would have thus crossed the Atlantic to settle in the territory that would become Canada, where he had 12 children. Obviously misspelled by the authorities across the Atlantic, the name Tanguy would become Tanguay. And the mother of the singer is called Theresa Tanguay that can be found in the genealogical history of Tanguy de Ploudiry.

While Celine Dion will occur at the Vieilles Charrues on July 16, the fervor around the coming of the “daughter of the country” does not seem to prevail in the village. Only, Antonio, 75 years of age, who walks her dog up to the town Hall, sees this affiliation with a good eye. “This is about the common good and it is true that I am a little proud that Celine Dion is of Ploudiry “. On the other hand, on the side of the home of the town hall, the tone was rather blasé : “It was 20 years ago, we had already heard of its origins in Ploudiry. The tv was even coming on-site to do a story. It is not known if she will come to see us, to Ploudiry, but she must know that as she sang, the Thursday, to Carhaix, it is kig ha farz on every Thursday the menu of the Baradozic (the café-restaurant of Ploudiry). Then, if she wants to enjoy a true flat breton… “.

“We talk about it, but no more “

Difficult to know the reasons for a bit of excitement around the coming of the interpreter of ” Still the night “. “We talk about it, but no more. People are not more excited than that and I don’t know why. I don’t know “, summarizes Jean-Jacques Piton, the mayor of the town. “The inhabitants of Ploudiry are rural taiseux. It is for this reason that they are not more excited than that with this story, ” analysis, on its side, an observer of local life.

The festivities will take place to celebrate the roots of brittany the singer ? “At the next council, we will see what we will do,” says Jean-Jacques Piton. “We will very definitely a nod to the singer,” says, on his side, Jerome Tréhorel, director of Vieilles Charrues. At the reception of the town hall of Ploudiry, one does not perceive the same story : “having regard to her fortune, rather, it is to Celine Dion to give us a gift, as a gift for the restoration of our church.”


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