The Tesla Cybertruck comes to GTA 5, Minecraft, Rocket League, and more thanks to the modders


Elon Musk surprised the world a week ago featuring the Tesla Cybertruckthe new vehicle of your company; a truck futuristic that seems straight out of a game polygon of the generation of the 32-bit; in fact, the south african tycoon has admitted that its design est inspired by games such as Halo. This design has led him to starring in memes all corners of the internet, and the modders have been quick to include it in various video games.

One of the games with a community of modders active ms is Grand Theft Auto 5for that reason, it is extraar that is one of the first to receive with open arms the Cybertruck. A youtuber so-called “Elite Rejects” (va Eurogamerhas not recreated the car, but that has caught another truck in the game and has taken charge of a polygonal so that it looks like the car from Tesla.

Who’s has worked a little ms has been the youtuber “Fred Walkthrough”, who has recreated so that the lights work properly and with a interior relatively realisticeven with a gap for introducing a cup of caf. That ‘ s says that it is still a work in progress, so you can’t download still.

Where s you can have from now your Cybertruck fully functional, and with even less polgonos that in real life, is in Minecraft. The youtuber “VelVoxel Raptor” has created a pack data that allows you to invoke (using an iron block and a lever) of the vehicle and drive it without worry of destroying it, since it is invulnerable (have not tested if the windows break or not).

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A request to include it in Rocket League

Another of the games where it has been introduced goes mods it is Rocket Leaguethe popular game of football with cars. As shown by the Twitter user @platypunthe new Tesla fits into the work of Psyonix. However, the community of the game goes beyond: have started a request online for it to appear officially in the game that has already 656 signatures.

The youtuber Graslu00 has due to think that the Cybertruck is one of those traffic of design avant-garde that James Bond should drive, as he has created a custom level of Goldeneye 007 where not only plays the truck polygonal, but when you own Elon Musk, with dialogues and everything.

And you, what other games meterais the Tesla Cybertruck? The creators of Cyberpunk 2077 have joked with him into his role-playing game futuristic.


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