The theories behind the song “the Blower”s Daughter” by Damien Rice



Today, we’re going to tell you what you know and say about this song, from 2002, which gave more of a look to China the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth time – and more – as we have heard … because she knows that even the most courageous man trembled when listening to “The Blower”s Daughter” in the movie Closer… just in this scene, Jude Law and Natalie Portman.

The blow of The blower”s Daughter “is part of the first album of Damien Rice, the right Or. It is well known that the musician irish has dedicated this album to her best friend, Mic Christopher, died of a head injury in 2001.

Photo: Damien Rice

There is a curious fact: It was Damien himself who produced the album, but not only that, but he also played bass, clarinet, guitar, percussion and drums.. Something like a Nicholas Cage, but of the music.

And although this is one of the most legendary songs, there is very little information about it; assuming that Damien Rice himself has given very few interviews to promote this album –And the song, of course, and he has always refused to talk about it…

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“THEN, WHAT AM I DOING HERE HDTPM?! “You may be wondering … aaah, well, even if there are no citations of Damien, yes, there are theories of a fan-made, that are quite interesting…

There are some that even in the myths the celtic, and the books of Daphne de Maurier. But there are two that are – at least for us – the most interesting and that deserve to be mentioned.

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The theory of call centers

Damien Rice worked in a call centre “selling” mortgages and loans. On one occasion, he called home to talk with the father of the family, but he has not responded, but this is the girl that answered the phone.

The legend says that he fell in love with her sweet voice and began a sort of secret relationship with her on the phone and was marked when she knew that her father was not going to be home … until the day when she stopped to answer him.

I was so obsessed that he has discovered her address and went to look for him. He saw it from afar, but never approached her to do not call clumsy. Thanks to this history that has formed Juniperyour first group. The rumors say.

The master of the clarinet

Some media say that Damien Rice has never worked in a call center and that, in fact, this song speaks of a young Damien in love with the daughter of his professor of clarinet. (Hence the “blower”, of course)

But if this story was true, we’d have a fallen soldier, because this “love” has never been reciprocal. And as they age, Damian realized that it wasn’t really love, and that he would call when he met someone else … (“Until I find someone new, as it says in the end).

That these theories are true or not, it is very interesting to imagine that something like this could have been the inspiration for one of the best songs of the last decade. And today, still plays and sounds as robust as it has done for almost 20 years.

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