The woman fighter professional Hana Kimura died at the age of 22 years


Hana Kimura, a woman fighter professional japanese, also to the poster of the last season of the reality show Terrace House, is dead. She was 22 years old.

The world of wrestling is again in mourning. A few days after the death of Shad Gaspard, drowned while rescuing his son, this is another tragic news that has just been announced. Has only 22 years of age, Hana Kimura died. The fighting professional, viewers of Netflix can see in the last season of the tv reality show Terrace House, she died Friday, may 22. “We are sorry to announce that our Hana Kimura diedannounced Stardom Westling, the organization of which it was part. Please, be respectful and allow time for things to unfold, and keep your thoughts and prayers with his family and his friends.” As reported Varietythe causes of death of the young sports have not yet been revealed. But, his last story published on Instagram could suggest that she committed suicide. Hana Kimura had then shared a photo of herself in the company of her cat with this sentence : “Goodbye”.

She had also recently published a series of tweets disturbing, which, according to his fans, stated that it does “wanted to be human”. “Thank you to all those who have supported me”, she wrote then, before asserting that she had been the victim of cyberbullying : “I don’t like it. I’m weak, I’m sorry,”. Hana Kimura, whose mother, Kyoko Kimurawas also fighting professional, made his debut for Wrestle-1 in 2016. This year, she had also won his first title, the Championship JWP Junior. Hana Kimura has left this organization to join Stardom in 2019, where she became the head of the faction Tokyo Cyber Squad. Hana Kimura has twice won the championship, Artist of Stardom, as well as a championship Goddess of Stardom. The young woman was also a member of Terrace House : Tokyo, the latest season of the reality tv show Netflix which puts the spotlight on six young adults who live together.

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The tributes poured in

Hana Kimura arrived at the 20th episode and was part of the current distribution before Terrace House, as the rest of the production Netflix, interrupting the filming due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus. Soon after the announcement of the death of the young woman, the world of wrestling was held to pay tribute to him. “Distraught, wrote Jamie Hayter. I don’t even know what to say or feel. Numb. I can’t express it. RIP Hana Kimura. A wonderful human being. The wizard gaijin. All the potential. A beautiful soul. Nice. I can’t even say how much it is upsetting. I hope that you have found peace.” Süd Yüng wrote : “I will always love you and you me will be missed, my friend. You are my little sister”.

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