There’s nothing down! Mia Khalifa boasts transparent dress

Former Lebanese actress Mia Khalifa recently shared a video showing off a cute yellow dress which is a little transparent, so much so that her charms and figure can be seen without any problem.

The young social media celebrity, as well as the films for adults, has shared through her official Instagram account a video with which she possibly managed to speed up the pulse of her followers or the people who saw it on her account.

Without any suede, Mia Khalifa’s transparent dress has become popular, especially since it is a combination of elegance and flirtation of the model in addition to being also a great entrepreneur.


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It was between my head and the bottom of my dress, and I chose properly,” she wrote in the post.

It seems that the model was just finishing a photoshoot, days ago she shared part of the result with said vested, three days ago to be exact, in this new publication appears a photo and also a video, both are just as daring however each of them has attention differently.

The first thing we see in mia Khalifa’s post exactly 10 hours ago is the model while on her back, showing her figure through the dress as the dim light passes a little on the fabric, although her face does not appear completely immediately we identify that it is her by the tattoos on her arm.

It seems that she sat somewhere wet because her back parts and dress are a little wet, in the photo, she shared days ago you can clearly see that the lower part of the beautiful yellow dress is wet but just that.

In the case of video we see it already moving slowly with great care because the road you are going on is somewhat narrow, there are many trees and leaves lying, fortunately on the floor where you are walking there is not so much danger, in any case, some slip or a bad step and could fall, fortunately so you can see in the video this did not happen.

While Mia Khalifa walks and thanks to the moment her garment is a little wet you can see that she is not wearing anything underneath unless she has used a tiny thread, but surely that was not the case, it seems that she enjoys the naturalness of her body.

In her right hand, she wears her slippers that she apparently used for the photoshoot, instead of while walking and also for her safety decided to take those that appear to be black Converse sneakers, something quite cool for the model, ending a photoshoot is allowed a little to leave a little glamour on one side.

So far Mia Khalifa’s video has more than 618 thousand views, among the comments we find above 3 thousand, many of them are excited by the beautiful place where she decided to take her photoshoot, especially because in the video when she is walking you get to hear the noise of the waterfall.

In the comment box, we find many hearts and questions about what you were doing there, even though you have not given more information about the reason for this session, you might share some of this content in your OnlyFans account, where you constantly share content for your followers and more loyal admirers.

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