They finished their league, gave campen the pointer and the UEFA fears the worst


This Thursday saw a dangerous precedent in Europe, dangerous at least to the UEFA, as she asked the clubs not to copy. And is that in Belgium the league cancel the season 2019-20, and given by campen at the Witches, pointer with many points of advantage.

This initiative will be taken for example by other leagues ms powerful, such as France, Spain or Italy and the UEFA sali to step to warn people that this is wrong and reckless, in a letter to firm the body next to the ECA and the whole of the european leagues, ensuring that the season is going to end.

“We are confident that the football could be restarted in the near months, with terms and conditions that will be dictated by the authorities public,” says the letter of the UEFA and the ECA. “We believe that any decision to abandon the national competitions is, at this time stage, premature and not justified”.

Added thus that “The work now focuses on scenarios that cover the months of July and August, including the possibility that the UEFA club competitions will resume after the end of the national leagues,” and what is more important, the participation in the eu tournaments is at risk.

“Given that participation in the club competitions of the UEFA est determined by the sports results achieved at the end of a national competition in full, an end to premature by throwing doubts on the fulfilment of such a condition”.

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