They share what for Kim Kardashian would be Her worst picture!

Social media star and celebrity beautiful businessman and socialite Kim Kardashian appeared in a photograph in which for some it has been the worst they have taken, this post was shared on Instagram in what appears to be her stylist.

Although Kim Kardashian could be considered to have a career in the art of posing for the camera, because for years this beautiful celebrity has managed to pose for hundreds of cameras, she herself knows the angles and positions she must choose for a photograph to be perfect.

Despite this and being also a person like any other, at some point in her life and career she would have had to be a victim of a “bad shot” and worse still appearing published as two days ago, on the official account of her stylist Chris Appleton who shared the image on her account.

“I love you, Kim,” the young man wrote the translation is that she loved her very much, it’s more than obvious that it’s a small joke from the stylist who captured at a bad time the businessman who probably gave her approval to share the photo.

In the image Kim Kardashian appears asleep in the chair perhaps while fixing her hair, the uncomfortable thing is that being unconsciously asleep opened her mouth, which apparently seemed somewhat funny to those present who decided to take the photo-taking advantage of an unrepeatable and unique moment, especially since most of the photographs that appear of the model are always perfect.

The most curious thing about the image is that despite being in this awkward situation Kim Kardashian still looks very pretty, especially since she was makeup at the time of taking her picture, so some of her fans claim that she does not look ugly and that far from being a bad photo is more than curious and entertaining.

The publication has more than 177,000 likes, very few compared to what Kim Kardashian usually has in her posts where there are at least 1 million like’s, of course, it also has a lot to do with the fact that the account in which the image was shared has a million 600 thousand followers unlike Kim Kardashian’s which has more than 207 million respectively.

As for the comments she has a little over 1700, many of the people who wrote something referred to the business or bothering Chris Appleton for sharing that photo where she casually went perfect while she took a nap.

Another group of internet users claimed that despite being in a position that apparently does not favor her at all, she continues to look very beautiful and that she was undoubtedly the queen of photographs, even though Kim Kardashian was not labeled just knowing that it is from her the photo immediately became a viral subject as on other occasions has happened to the entrepreneur.

The same first in March that the photograph was posted, on her official Twitter account Kim Kardashian, shared a post that could have referenced the shared photo, in which she mentioned that she was crying because it was on everyone’s profile.

Although she did not specify what was in all profiles, she is believed to have referenced this post that has so far not been deleted but may do so in the following days in the event that she is not consented to publish it.

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