They were spying on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for this sum

Apparently, the Dukes of Sussex have been fully exposed after some information about them was revealed, a detective who was paid a large sum, Daniel ‘Danno’ Portley-Hanks, received the money in exchange for giving particular information about the actress, Meghan Markle.

Even their social security number, they were part of the data released among the reports for which Detective Daniel ‘Danno’ Portley-Hanks received $2,000.


Amid private information, Portley-Hanks had access to other personal reports from Enríque de Sussex’s wife: Her personal phone number, her social security number, her home address, and details about her love life such as the name of her ex-husband or other former romantic couples.

The investigator recently decided to confess that in 2016 he received just over $2,000 in exchange for obtaining private information from the Duchess of Sussex for the tabloid The Sun.

His recent statement has been in order to apologize to the Duchess through Byline Investigates a portal funded by “Crowdfunding”, Daniel Portley-Hanks disclosed that he never intended to cause her any harm and that she would never have accepted the job of knowing the large number of problems these would cause the“TV star”.

It should be mentioned that since Meghan Markle appeared in Harry’s life, the couple became one of the favorite sports in the press, and for the detective, Meghan Markle and his family were at the center of the Pesquisas including their father, Thomas Markle.

Similarly, he has apologized to the sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, for the repercussions her work would have in the events that ended up banking Prince Harry and his wife to renounce the British monarchy, the investigator has been aware of the damage he has caused to The Firm, as well as being called the British institution headed by Elizabeth II for several years.


The Dukes of Sussex consider that at the moment, they marked an important moment of reflection both in the media and society at large, this report finds that the “predative” practices of the past, remain in force and this causes irreversible damage to families and relationships, pointed out one of the most recent communiqués by those who were real members.

This would be proof that Meghan, who was one of the protagonists of the series“Suits” and the youngest son of Prince Charles of Wales would not have exaggerated the persecution of the tabloids in the midst of the hurricane of statements towards Oprah Winfrey.

For his part, newsgroup newspaper owner (The Sun) said that “clear instructions were given for the detective in question will act at all times, within the margins of the law, allegedly reiterates that his employers were aware that he would not have had access to this data legally,” he told the official British network.

Among the arguments that the U.S.-based couple today revealed to the famous TV host, they noted that their decision to move away from royalty was because they never received support for the wave of “harassment” and scrutiny they faced with the press, who particularly attacked Meghan Markle.

This would even reveal the performer of “Rachel Zane” he led to severe depression and think of the “desire not to be alive”.

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