This is a French filmmaker with whom Charlize Theron dream to turn


The French cinema still shines across the Atlantic. Actress oscar winner Charlize Theron has been entrusted by the magazine Les Inrockuptibles have been upset by the film Portrait of the girl on fire, by Céline Sciamma. Completely a fan of the French filmmaker said that the film was part of its fpréférés and that she had viewed 4 times.

The feminist sensibility of the film seems to have struck the actress committed to the fight for the equality of women and men. ” The film does not try to explain the sexuality or the fight for a form of sexuality, or the difficulty to assume a sexuality. I felt that I was watching just a beautiful love story that had all the complexity that a romance can have, without that there can never be heaviness in the about “, she said.

And it may well be that the two women are brought to work together. The beautiful actress of south africa has admitted to having proposed to Céline Sciamma’s” develop something “. ” I am sure that we will do something together. I’d love to work with her, she is amazing “said Charlize Theron during the interview. We can’t wait !

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