This mod converts Minecraft into a visual spectacle


It was not easy to imagine that Minecraft it would become a very useful tool when selling a technology like ray tracing, so fashionable since Nvidia launched the series of graphics cards RTX and also now that we know that PS5 will be compatible with this graphics technology.

With the mod created by Sonic Ether the team from Digital Foundry shows how the world of Minecraft with textures of high resolution, various visual improvements and, above all, applying ray tracing to achieve a lighting of the future.

The technology used in this mod has been called “path tracing” by its creator, who also points out that it is not incorrect to call it a “ray tracing”. The result certainly makes us question whether Minecraft will die some day, because if your visual aspect was what made you think that he had already aged, you’re going to have to think of another excuse to stop playing.

You can follow the work of Sonic Ether on his Patreon, where thousands of people will help to continue with this amazing work through donations several.


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