THQ Nordic founds Nine Rocks Games, a new studio working on a survival shooter


THQ Nordic has announced the founding of Nine Rocks Games, a new studio in Slovakia already working on a survival shooter.

THQ Nordic has created a new internal development team called Nine Rocks Games based in Bratislava in Slovakia, immediately engaged in a survival shooter and led by the videogame industry veteran David Durack, with a team composed of various developers who have some experience already in the field.

The members of Nine Rocks Games have made their bones on several productions that tend mainly to shooters and action like DayZSoldier of Fortune: Payback, Conan (2004) and Chaser, so there is a certain trend in the team’s DNA to this type of game that should be reflected in the creation of their new title already in production.

“We can’t wait to get our offices up and running, gradually optimizing our size and working on our new project,” said David Durack, CEO of Nine Rocks Games, “With THQ Nordic as our partner, our roster found the perfect conditions to collaborate on our first project “.

For his part, the CEO of THQ Nordic, Klemens Kreuzer added “We welcome the newcomer to the THQ Nordic study network with Nine Rocks Games. Personally I think it’s always a great sign when everything seems to fit perfectly. The right one’s people at the right time, who have the best predisposition in a promising conversation. “ in development at the team, which also given the experience on DayZ and the like could replicate some hybrid characteristics between shooter and survival seen in such titles.

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