Tigers of the UANL: Edu Vargas ended up tied up with tape by their children (Video)


It seems to be that the front of the Tigers of the UANL, Eduardo Vargas, is having a quarantine quite entertaining, since despite the arrest of the Liga MX because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Edu still quite busy.

So it was as he left to see his wife, Daniela Colettsince through your account in Instagram posted a couple of videos in which he was the attacker chilean to be wrapped in tape for her two children.

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In the first video, you can see that she is the daughter of Vargas who starts to wrap tape around the body, while your child joins after to leave covered even the face.

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, which emerged in Mexico, the Secretariat of Health and the Liga MX came to the decision to stop the tournament to prevent further infections among the fans or even the players.

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