To Karmaland you get competition: Minecraft Hardcore (by ElRubius)


Much, much before that Karmaland to see the light, ElRubius has already made a name in the scene gamer with Minecraft. It was thanks to ‘Mining’, his particular tribute to the song of Chayanne ‘Torero’, a video that came out in 2012 and that accumulate almost seventy million reproductions. It says fast…

Eight years after one of its main sources of views on YouTube is the series, which it shares with nine other youtubersfrom his inseparable Mangel to the newly elected mayor: Lolito. Non-conforming as it is with the election result, and perhaps also bored of dimes and bickering of the elite neighborhood virtual, ElRubius has returned to his roots to face a greater challenge within the game of blocks: Minecraft Hardcore.

This is a challenge that have already carried out other youtubers international as PewDiePie, but for the malaga blood norway is a new field. “I reprogrammed my head to face this”he says later to clarify that, for now, will continue to participate in Karmaland and by the climbs of separate clips of the game.

Minecraft Hardcore is, as the name indicates, something difficult to play. The difficulty level is the maximum in the story mode, and if you palm your avatar, it ends the game for ElRubius.”The die disappears, the progress, the inventory… you have to start from scratch,” before embarking on their first attempt, two to go.

Has not had much luck in any of the two attempts of going over the play, and especially dramatic was his end in the first, when he was about to reach the safety of your home but he was attacked in the back by one of the enemies faster.

He promises not to give up and asks his followers to give like if you want it to keep trying. Five million views and a million “likes” seem to indicate that we will have another series of Minecraft for a while…


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