Tom Brady has the edge over Bill Belichick in the battle for the pride


After 20 years of a romance full of wins, the NFL saw the separation of the team head coach-quarterback most successful of all time.

The careers of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady took different paths, no longer share a dressing room, and will now be rivals that will compete for pride, to prove who can come out victorious without the other.

In 2000, the New England Patriots opted for this dumbbell, choosing to Belichick as their new head coach and selecting in the sixth round, on the turn N° 199, Brady. Maybe you never imagined how fruitful it would be this couple, which would lead them to glory on several occasions.

Both won it all, as divers olympic synchronizing their jumps to get the perfect score, dominating the sport and waiting for someone to give them battle. But now everything will be different. Bill will continue to lead the Pats and Brady comandará the attack of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Who will bring to surface the pride, and you will have a better season?


Bill Belichick started his career as an assistant on various computers, but it has achieved stability when it came to the New York Giants, the team that he served as an assistant defensive coach and special equipment, up to in ’85 was promoted to defensive coordinator by head coach Bill Parcells. With Belichick in the post, the Giants won Super Bowl XXI and Super Bowl XXV.

It was in 1991, when Belichick got his first chance as head coach with the Cleveland Browns. He was in charge for five seasons and only in 1994 was a record winner (11-5). In the playoffs that year, Cleveland won by going 20-13 in Round of Wildcards to New England, ironically, and fell against the Pittsburgh Steelers 29-9 in Ronda Divisional.

In 1996, he got his first stage with the team to Foxborough, again as an assistant to Parcells and the team went to Super Bowl XXXI, which they lost against Green Bay Packers. Belichick followed Parcells as an assistant for the New York Jets, from 1997 to 1999, and had been chosen to become the head coach of this team, but decided to take a step back and took, instead, the controls of the Pats in 2000.


Brady had to go through hell to be able to play the glory on the mount Olympus. During their first two years at the University of Michigan was a quarterback reserve, had almost no minutes on the field and needed help for not giving up. Showed mental strength and perseverance, which enabled him to show a great level in his last two seasons in college, which amounted to 380 completed passes out of 618 attempts for 4,644 yards with 30 passes of annotation and three touchdowns for the land.

It was thus that came the Draft 2000 NFL, in which he and his family hoped that was selected in the second or third round, but it was up to the sixth in that Belichick and company decided to select it. It was a thorn that was stuck in the heart and, possibly, something that helped him to try to always prove that it is the best, no matter what round have been chosen.

The same Brady and his family have told how terrible it was that draft, the suffering that is felt when we hear the names of the other marshals, minus the Tom. But the time, talent, and guidance of Belichick what would become the best quarterback in the NFL, a legend.


Brady and Belichick arrived together for the Super Bowl nine times and won six (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLIX, LI and LIII), were classified to the playoffs in 17 seasons and they were out in two (2002 and 2008). In 2002, Brady was the quarterback holder, but his record was not enough to have their place in the postseason; whereas, in 2008, Brady suffered an injury in the first match and lost the rest of the campaign.

With these numbers, we can think that without Brady, Belichick and the Patriots would not have won everything that they got together, but the coach has proven to be a genius in some moves that allowed him to carry the glory to the team from Massachusetts.

One was in charge of putting together the game plan and the other was in charge of running it, both did their job to perfection.

With their separation, we arises the following questions: who will do better? Will you be able to succeed without each other?

The duo Bill Belichick-Tom Brady leaves a balance of six victories in nine appearances Super Bowl. AP Photo


Belichick has the challenge of finding a replacement for Brady –hardly someone will fill his shoes in the short term– but the following two or three seasons will be critical to see the selection and development of the quarterbacks. It is proven that Belichick is a genius for choosing his players, many of them have been out of the first three or four rounds, even out of the draft and have become fundamental parts.

But after 19 seasons with Brady, who was also the guide of the marshals newbies, it is time to take important decisions, although the team already has a solid structure, they lack of those who take control and do it in a big way. As I wrote previously, there is a deck of options for Patriots. The time will tell us what it is that they choose to and if it will be the best.

For his part, Brady will have a good team of receivers, led by Chris Godwin and Mike Evans, in addition to the guidance of a very good coach as it is Bruce Arians.

Tampa Bay was the offense most yards through the air was getting per game on average, and the fourth most points per game. Have a well structured team that could have a boom with the arrival of Brady.

Brady is a person very proud and will want to prove he can lead the team to glory, which is very feasible with the organization that there is in Tampa Bay. By his side, the challenge is more difficult for Belichick and Pats.

So is Brady who has the win with a great coach and good receivers. In the battle for the pride stoops to the quarterback.

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