Tom Cruise starts his vacation today and resumes filming in January

After exploding against two production assistants, Mission Impossible 7 will resume filming in 2021.

Tom Cruise is reportedly wrapping up his 2020 work commitments after his highly publicized on-set rants.

The superstar recently lost his cool when he spotted two attendees huddled around a monitor, watching the replay, ignoring the social distancing rules he has helped introduce to try to keep the upcoming Mission: Impossible 7 free from Covid-19 contagion.

He launched a furious tirade threatening to fire anyone who didn’t take the rules seriously and, according to The Sun, the 58-year-old actor will take a break from filming the movie for an early Christmas vacation.

According to the publication, Friday will be his last day on the set of the year and from there, he plans to take his private jet to Miami, where he will spend time with his son Connor.

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