Tom Holland (Spider-Man) in a relationship with Olivia Bolton, speaking for the first time about their relationship


A new story ! Well, yes, the meltynautes, although many fans were convinced that the actor was in a relationship with her co-star, Zendaya, despite their denials, they have had to make the obvious as the young man was spotted with a pretty blonde. While Tom Holland and Zendaya would have pretended to be a couple in order to promote Spider-Man, it was Olivia Bolton. Friends of long date, the two young men have finally decided to give it a chance and this has not escaped the eye of the paparazzi. A situation that interferes greatly with the comedian as he has entrusted it to the magazine GQ : “This is the first time that I found myself truly in the tabloids.”

Tom Holland in the role of Spider-Man
Tom Holland in the role of Spider-Man

He goes on to confident : “This is the first time that something like this has happened to me. But this is a situation that you look at from far away and makes you say : “Okay, I will never find in this situation again.” If you type my name on Google, you’ll see that I’m not in the tabloids. I don’t like living under the spotlight. I’m pretty good when it needs to be, but it stops there. It was very stressful. I realized that this was my life now and that I had to be a little more wary.” These revelations, which demonstrated how fame can be difficult to manage sometimes. In the meantime, Tom Holland-he is envied by his father ?

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