Tom Holland (the Avengers Endgame) embarrassed, this moment of solitude that he lived with a international star


The first few times are obviously not his strong point. When Tom Holland met Robert Downey Jr, he was completely freaked out and the story is as funny as annoying. But this is not the only embarrassment experienced by the young actor. Guest on the tv show The Graham Norton Show in 2018, the interpreter of Spider-Man revealed that he had experienced a moment of solitude by the knowledge of Madonna at an after-party of the Oscars. “I was in the evening for the party and I had probably drunk too much. An old friend of me, who is the manager, asked me if I knew Madonna and I answered no. So he introduced me to it. I didn’t know what to say, I have just launched a ‘Hello'” he started by telling.

Unfortunately for Tom Hollandthe result of his conversation with Madonna has taken an unexpected turn : “My friend Jason could see that I paniquais so he said to Madonna that I was an excellent dancer. I wanted to kill him. She replied that she would love to see it. I had two options : to pass out myself or take Madonna on the dance floor. As I’m an idiot, I chose the second. But as soon as I took his hand, I realized that it was a mistake. I started to dance with her, but she really wasn’t impressed so I left, and I’m gone. I left Madonna on the dancefloor.” Hilarious ! And for still more anecdotes, check out the board flick that Mark Wahlberg has given Tom Holland.

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