Topless Kendall Jenner touches them, provokes her fans

The beautiful model Kendall Jenner certainly knows how to attract the attention of her fans, because she constantly leaves very little to the imagination and such seems to be something she enjoys doing since she has proven to love her body completely.

Kim Kardashian’s sister uncovered for one of the editions of GQ magazine several years ago and the truth is that she sports a sensational body in this photoshoot.

Once again s3ducing and very attractive appears Kendall Jenner on this occasion in a photoshoot she has held for the May edition of GQ magazine but from 2015.

And it seems that Kim Kardashian’s sister does not hesitate to uncover and star in photographs in which light clothing appears, but not d3snuda at all, a very attractive bet and that lets the imagination fly.

The beautiful model does not hesitate to pose topless and in this session, she does so by covering her p3chos with her hands, lifting her blouse, and in 1nt3r1or clothes covering her figure with a white pillow.

Inside @GQ,” Kendall wrote in the post.

While on the cover, Kendall wears a white swimsuit by Adriana Degreas and a Calvin Klein jacket, a mark of which she is an image, and in another of the snapshots, the young woman poses with a mini tank top with which she lets see the bottom of her p3chos.

There is no doubt that since then Kendall Jenner was completely earning her place in the fashion world, working for great firms such as Chanel, Balmain, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta, parading on the best catwalks.

He was also very noted at the time for her contract with Calvin Klein, because, despite the shadow of her well-known sister, Kim Kardashian, the young woman managed to find her own place.

The truth is that the beauty and s3nsual1dad of model Kendall Jenner have managed to make her one of the most popular celebrities around the world, as her almost perfect body makes her the protagonist of endless advertising campaigns.

And is that model, entrepreneur, photographer, socialite, and also, owner of imposing beauty, could be nothing but the successful Kendall Jenner.

While it is true that thanks to her own brand of clothing and jewelry, Jenner has earned the respect of the most exclusive designers, her followers place her better for the explosive s3nsual1dad she wastes on each of the photographs she shares on her official Instagram account.

And while on the catwalks she delights her millions of followers with garments from the world’s most luxurious firms, the American never tires of proving that topless is her favorite outfit and is no less.


On the other hand, sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner have always proven to be very close and successful in their respective careers, usually entertained when they spend family time.

So a mutual makeup session for the Get ready with us series kylie publishes on her YouTube channel sounded fun.

And unlike the videos she recorded with Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, this occasion, in addition to a lot of makeup, the new t3qu1la 818 that Kendall has recently released was also present.

The truth is that with studied beauty outfits in their public apparitions and in the photos they post on their social networks, we are not used to seeing sisters with poorly applied cosmetics or extravagant colors on their faces.

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