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In the skin of a secondary character in four of the five films in the saga, the actress recalls shooting conditions deplorable.

Before becoming the headliner of half of hollywood comedies, Anna Kendrick has made known with the role of Jessica Stanley, a friend of the taciturn Bella Swan in the franchise Twilight. At that time already, she was the comedy, bringing a dose of humor, welcome in a teen drama very first degree.

In a book published in 2016, she argued as well that the saga was for it “the livelihood of the most ridiculous ever” : the stamp important had allowed him to play in other movies that paid little, but of which the project appealed to him. In 2010, she shares the bill with George Clooney for In the air, which earned him an Oscar nomination for best actress in a supporting role. She then accepted the lead role in the franchise Pitch Perfect, that made her a major figure in american comedy, to the displays of at least thirty films in less than ten years.

As for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Twilight so has been a real springboard for his career, but according to her, it was also an experience particularly difficult.

photo, Anna Kendrick, Kristen StewartThe canteen of the school, a hostage-taking in taste

The filming of the saga was, in fact, located in Portland, Oregon, is a forest region of the West coast of the United States particularly rainy. From another Portland at the other end of the country (in Maine on the East coast), the actress, remembers the difficult weather conditions, which she was not prepared. In a video retrospective of his career conducted by Vanity Fair, the actress confided :

“The first film that we shot, I remember to have been unfortunate and have had very cold. My converse were completely soaked, and I said to myself ‘this is a super group of people, and I’m sure we would be friends in another context, but right now I just want to kill everyone’… Even if, in the end, it brings. It is as if we crossed all together in a traumatic situation. Kind, imagine a group of people who survives a hostage situation, this creates necessarily links between the two.”

The least we can say is that it has the meaning of the metaphor subtle !

Photo Anna Kendrick, Hailee SteinfeldPitch Perfect, a hostage-taking at the box office

Today, Kendrick is the poster Love Life, a romantic comedy syrupy in ten episodes, broadcast on the platform HBO Max. It is currently one of the few original content to the new platform launched by the studios, Warner. A product call very discreet, completely erased by the debates on the Snyder Cut and that would explain the launch chaotic platform.

As to the saga Twilight, Stephenie Meyer has published Midnight Suna rewrite of the first component from the point of view of Edward Cullen. Fortunately, his actor is cornered by his role of The Batman ! Nobody really wants to revisit the vampires the more soft of the universe on our screens, right ?

photo, Anna KendrickIts new bread and butter : Love Life, the new anthology of romantic HBO Max


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